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Leading enterprises are embracing the Actifio Sky Platform and Wasabi Hot Cloud object storage as part of their digital transformation.  Actifio and Wasabi are working together on a range of premises-to-cloud and next-generation SaaS solutions for a wide range of industry verticals.  The Actifio + Wasabi solution partnership helps businesses reduce data management cost and complexity and mitigate risk.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is incredibly affordable and fast cloud object storage for any purpose. And Actifio Sky is an enterprise-class data management platform that decouples data from physical storage, eliminates siloed management practices and point products, and delivers superior economics, agility and simplicity. The integrated Actifio Sky and Wasabi hot cloud storage solution can help you slash data storage and management expenses, streamline operations and improve data protection.


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Partner Solution Brief:
Actifio Sky + Wasabi

Reduce storage costs, unify data access and mitigate risks with Actifio Sky and Wasabi.

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How Will You Exploit Your Data for Profit?

Learn how we are working with Actifio on a range of premises-to-cloud and next-gen SaaS solutions.

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Knowledge Base:
How do I use Actifio with Wasabi?

Actifio Sky is certified for use with Wasabi. Learn how to integrate our solutions.

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