The demand for highly efficient cloud storage and intelligent media management is dramatically increasing as video producers from broadcasters to sports teams to corporations and universities strive to meet growing demand for video content, deal with budget and competitive pressures, and connect with creative talent and clients located anywhere.

Wasabi hot storage is a fundamentally different cloud storage solution that slashes the cost for storing massive video data while at the same time providing rapid access to assets stored in the cloud. Axle Video, the pioneer of affordable “radically simple” media management, has teamed up with Wasabi to make the axle Media Cloud available to postproduction teams as a monthly subscription!

Solution Features

  • AI-powered media management
  • Pay-as-you-grow cloud storage
  • Seamless integration
  • Flexible deployment options

Solution Benefits

  • Increase team productivity
  • Accelerate production cycles
  • Eliminate cost and complexity
  • Improve business results

 In combination, Wasabi hot storage and axle Video provide production teams with
the most powerful price-performance package in media management.



Sign up for the axle Media Cloud webinar to see our demo and learn how:

  • The axle Media Cloud works - giving you the best of the cloud ‘available-everywhere-at-once’ storage for your entire team, even if remote or on the road
  • Wasabi’s breakthrough low storage cost and simple pricing and incredible performance give you, massive, fast, cloud-based storage (how about 10TB starting at under $400?) to power axle’s powerful media and asset tools
  • ‘Cloud-powered’ media gives you immediate access to groundbreaking new cloud-based image and video analysis tools: crank through massive transcoding tasks on demand, instantly make your assets more valuable with cloud-based image-tagging and analysis tools, or perform incredible image-based search across your entire library

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