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Wasabi's system architecture enables an average 6x performance advantage over Amazon S3. Read the report that details the testing methods and results used to verify Wasabi’s insanely fast performance.

Performance Testing Reference Architecture  

Request a free copy of the
"Wasabi Performance Benchmark Report"
to learn more about Wasabi's insanely fast performance results. The Wasabi Performance and Certification Team, PACT, has used industry-proven methodologies for the benchmark testing of public cloud storage services. This report details the read and write performance across multiple file sizes and compute threads for the Wasabi hot storage service as well as Amazon Web Services S3.

The "Wasabi Performance Benchmark Report" outlines our PACT lab's testing reference architecture, test cycles and performance results. The report also provides self-test instructions and test scripts on GitHub for you to perform your own Wasabi vs. S3 performance testing.

Download the "Wasabi Performance Benchmark Report" today to review the results or take us for a test drive using our performance test scripts.

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