Many businesses are struggling to keep pace with skyrocketing data growth. Legacy on-premises storage solutions are notoriously expensive to scale and notoriously difficult to manage. Frustrated by over-priced maintenance contracts, high operations expenses and disruptive end-of-life product transitions, many IT decision makers are seeking more cost-effective and extensible storage solutions. This White Paper outlines the challenges of data growth, the opportunity costs of continuing with an on-premise strategy, and how Wasabi is enabling organizations to save more and worry less.

wasabi vs on prem mockup

Highlights from the White Paper

  • Traditional on-premises storage solutions are too costly and complex for the era of big data and digital transformation

  • Expensive first-generation cloud storage services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud do not offer meaningful TCO savings over traditional on-premises storage solutions 

  • Forward-looking businesses are turning to Wasabi hot cloud storage to eliminate the expense and complexity of traditional on-premises storage solutions

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Why Wasabi?

  • Founded by David Friend and Jeff Flowers, creators of Carbonite and pioneers in cloud storage
  • Introduces revolutionary cloud storage technology, including unlimited free egress
  • Goal is to make low cost, high performance cloud storage the equivalent of a utility, readily and easily available to all
  • Named CRN's 2018 Emerging Storage Vendor, Network World's 10 Hot Storage Start-ups to Watch, and Frost & Sullivan's 2017 North American Hot Cloud Storage Technology Innovation Award